A Haunted History of Cheesman Park, Denver CO

Denver’s Cheesman Park is a popular spot for tourists and local families alike and it is easy to see why. There are 80 acres of beautiful lush green park nestled in an urban setting, bordered on 3 sides by private homes. The park was created in 1907, but prior to that the land actually served […]

Cripple Creek, Colorado

Reported ghosts in the City of Cripple Creek, CO Cripple Creek is full with stories of ghosts and haunting. Want to stay in a haunted hotel in town? Check in at the Hotel St. Nicholas. Originally built as a hospital in 1898 for the prospectors and their families, it expanded and also catered to people […]

Central City Masonic Cemetery, Gilpin County, Colorado

Reported Ghosts It is reported that every 5th of April and 1st of November, there is a beautiful woman wearing a black satin dress who appears and lays flowers on the grave of John Edward Cameron. John Edward Cameron died on the 1st of November 1885 and there are a lot of rumors regarding the connection […]