USS Alabama BB-60 Ghosts, Mobile, Alabama

Nestled in Mobile Bay in its final resting place, USS Alabama BB-60 is a military attraction which is also the home of various entities which have not found their peace yet. The 680-foot ship was brought back to US waters in 1965 and it is one of the few original attractions which is a must-see. […]

Sweetwater Mansion, Florence, Alabama

Sweetwater Mansion Haunted? There are many stories about various paranormal activities that are said to take place in the mansion. Countless apparitions have purportedly been seen in the grounds. The story of the caretaker who claimed to have seen a casket with the body of a Confederate soldier, laid in one of the rooms downstairs […]

Sloss Furnaces, Birmingham, AL

Sloss Furnaces Haunted? The Birmingham Police have received more than their share of reports of paranormal events at Sloss Furnaces. Some are minor events while others are physical in nature. Most of these paranormal occurrences happen during the months of September and October. Most people believe the reports are true but there are others who […]