When you think of the Sunshine State, of course white sandy beaches, and world famous attractions are probably the first things that spring to mind. However, what often gets forgotten is its haunted reputation!

Although a relatively young state, the area has seen centuries of war, pirates, murder, shipwrecks, and natural disasters… A perfect combination that has led serious ghost hunters to investigate the states’ many reported haunted locations. 

Popular Haunted Cities

A world famous vacation spot, Miami isn’t all it seems. There are countless haunted locations in the city, with old buildings, cemeteries, and inns that are some of the most haunted in the state.

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Central Florida’s rich history predates the theme parks and the golf courses, and of course this history brings about hauntings aplenty. If you’re brave enough to search for ghosts rather than Disney characters, then read on!

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The oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States. It’s little wonder that this city and its historic streets is regarded by many as one of the most haunted cities in the country!

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Florida’s 7 Most Haunted Locations

From haunted lighthouses, to haunted theme parks, Florida really does have it all when it comes to haunted locations. Forget about the sunshine and the beaches, and take advantage of the countless haunted sites the Sunshine State has to offer!

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