Clayton House Haunted?

The former director of the Clayton House, Martha Siler, started having paranormal experiences in the house shortly after she started working there. According to Martha, there is one bedroom on the second floor which frightens people. People have reported hearing doors slamming, boots stomping and music playing in empty rooms.

The former director claimed to have seen the apparition of a woman dressed in a linen shirt and brown skirt in Mr. Clayton’s study one day. A carpenter who was doing some repairs in 2007 and 2008 took pictures before doing the repairs, and when the pictures were developed, there was what appeared to be a woman in one of them.

Paranormal Investigation and Research of Western Arkansas has been to the house numerous times. They have recorded EVPs, including one that sounded like a meowing cat. There is also the EVP of a man shouting obscenities and someone calling Anna. It is interesting to know that the Claytons had a daughter named Ann.

On one occasion, a woman had her hair tugged, and a man reported seeing the face of a woman in the boardroom, the same room where the carpenter took pictures.

Brief History

The Clayton has been listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Once the home of William Henry Harrison Clayton and his family, the antebellum house is now one of Arkansas’ most beloved structures. In the house, William Clayton and his wife, Florence, had 6 daughters and one son. The home has 8 rooms with ornate coal-burning fireplaces, a semi-detached servants’ quarters, and a kitchen.

A walk through the home will take you back to a time of elegance and beauty. A total technical restoration of the house has been done from 1970 to 1777 to restore it to its original beauty. Guests today can view the parlor fresco, the large spaces, the sitting room, the dining room, bedrooms, and the stairs. Numerous priceless family belongings are still in the house.

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