Located in what is sometimes called “The Last Frontier”, Badarka Roak in Chugiak, Alaska, is known for its great beauty, superb landscape and also its ghost stories. Although some people travel there for ice fishing and endless winter nights; others also travel for the thrill of seeing a ghost or two.

Badarka Rd, Chugiak Haunted?

The tragic ax accident is one of the most popular ghost stories in Alaska. It is believed that there was a five-year-old girl who was out in the woods with her father to help him chop wood which they were going to bring back to their cabin where the little girl’s mother and little sister were waiting. The dad supposedly into the ax on the tree so that his little girl would not fall on it. Unfortunately, the little girl, hoping to help and impress her father, pulled the ax out of the tree. The ax came down on the little girl’s head and killed her instantly. It was a horrible tragedy.

The father could not leave his daughter alone in the woods so he sat with her through the winter. Reportedly, he died of hypothermia. It is said that this spot halfway down the road is where you can see a man cradling the lifeless body of a little girl at 3.30 am. Some people have claimed to hear his cries.


Anchorage, where Chugiak can be found, has a long history. Anchorage was originally settled in as a tent city in 1914. For several years, it was a company town. However, the strategic location of the state led to the buildup of numerous facilities throughout the state. Anchorage has enjoyed economic boosts, as well as population increases from the 1940s to the present. Although the 1964 Alaskan earthquake did some damage, the community has been able to rebuild properly and has since become a major American city.

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