10 Most Haunted Places in San Jose, CA

There are plenty of spooky tales in San Jose, California. Some of them could be dismissed as nothing more than urban legend if it were not for the actual documented evidence that backs up many of the tales! It actually seems like many of the local ghost stories here are very genuine! Let’s dig a little bit deeper into some of the most haunted places in San Jose…

10. Yoshihiro Uchida Hall, San Jose State

Yoshihiro Uchida Hall, San Jose State

If you happen to pay a visit to San Jose State University, then you really need to make time to stop by Yoshihiro Uchida Hall, which is one of the most haunted places in San Jose.  It is pretty much common knowledge that the building was once used as a processing site for Japanese internees throughout World War II. In fact, the building takes its name from a former SJSU judo coach whose parents and siblings were among those registered here before being sent to Imperial Valley camps. These days, students and staff alike claim to hear disembodied voices and faint crying coming from inside Yoshihiro Uchida Hall even when it is known to be empty.

9. Hicks Road

Anyone who has lived in San Jose for any length of time knows the legend of Hicks Road. It’s an old and dark myth, but it is certainly a good one! There are all manner of creepy tales associated with Hicks Road ranging from urban legends to paranormal occurrences. The main story that you will hear about Hicks Road is about the albinos! Apparently there is a small group or family of Albinos who live in small huts just off Hicks Road and they are not at all happy to get visitors! There have been lots of reports of people being chased by these strange, pale  figures who many feel are not albinos at all, but some kind of spirits. Others have claimed to be chased by men in high speed trucks who attempt to run them off of the road. So much so, that most locals will prefer to find an alternative route even if it takes them a little bit out of their way. The Albino clan is not the only thing that frightens them. Hicks Road is also said to be haunted by a witch and there are rumours of satanic rituals in the area leading to claims that there are demonic entities lingering as well.

8. Dottie's Pond, Santa Teresa County Park

If you visit Santa Teresa County Park, keep your eyes peeled for a small pond known locally as ‘Dottie’s Pond’. The area is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young woman known as Dottie who drowned in the pond. The exact circumstances surrounding Dottie’s death vary depending on who is telling the story and some versions even suggest that she drowned herself after hanging her parents in a nearby barn while others say that she was pulled under the water by some strange being. However Dottie met her untimely end, what everyone can agree on is that Dottie appears by the side of the pond on occasion, usually scaring the living daylights out of the visitors who see her!

7. Marsh Road

Marsh Road

It certainly seems like San Jose has more than its fair share of haunted highways and creepy side roads! One such road is Marsh Road which has become something of a rite of passage for local high school students. The area is said to be haunted by Marcy Conrad who was killed by her boyfriend. The story has all of the usual hallmarks of an Urban Legend, but with one big difference – this murder really did take place and there are documented records to prove it! Marcy’s ghost is said to roam the section of Marsh Road where she was killed and her apparition has been spotted on a number of occasions by teens who go in search of a scare. Law enforcement have long since closed this section of road so if you do decide to go looking for Marcy you are going to have to do it on foot!

6. The Haunted School House

There is definitely something about schools in San Jose – it makes us glad we already graduated! One of the most haunted places in San Jose is the old school house on San Felipe Road. There is a story that is told locally of how the teacher at the school hung several of his pupils resulting in a number of ghosts taking up residence, but there is no documented evidence that such a crime ever took place. However, that does not mean that this place is any less creepy. Those brave enough to visit the old school house have heard strange noises, seen ghostly apparitions and even been chased by a white truck that vanishes into thin air!

5. Quimby Road

Quimby Road

One of the most popular ghost stories coming out of the San Jose area is probably the Quimby Road jogger. A number of very credible witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly figure jogging along Quimby Road at night. Some say that he appears at midnight while others say that he appears as soon as it starts getting dark! One thing that most witnesses agree on is that if the jogger spots them he will stop and stare at them for a short while before resuming his nightly jog. Nobody is quite sure who he is or why he is still jogging even after death!

4. Del Mar High School

Del Mar High School

One of the most haunted spots in San Jose is said to be the athletic field at Del Mar High School. The haunting here dates back to before the school was even built. Allegedly, a boy was murdered by his best friend back in 1942 on the spot where the athletic field now is. This explains why students and staff alike have reported seeing a boy running up and down the bleachers at the side of the field. There have also been a number of reports of disembodied screaming heard at 3.15am every night – the time that the murder apparently took place.

3. Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House

Of all the reportedly haunted buildings in San Jose, the most famous one is probably the notorious Winchester Mystery House! The house was something of a pet project for Sarah Winchester, the somewhat eccentric air to the Winchester Rifle fortune. Sarah has somehow become certain that the spirit of every single person who had ever been killed using a Winchester firearm had come to haunt her. In order to make things more difficult for what she believed to be vengeful spirits, she continuously remodelled the house in an attempt to confuse the ghosts. This has resulted in a strange, and often maze-like home where there are twists, turns, dead ends and of course staircases that lead to nowhere. The renovations were a constant pet project for Sarah and they continued until she died. These days the property is said to be very haunted. Could it be that Sarah was right about the building work keeping the spirits at bay and now that Sarah is gone and tools have been set down, they are beginning to claim the building as their own?  There are even reports from some visitors that some of the workmen are still there toiling away perhaps unaware that the job is over, or perhaps taking on the responsibility of driving the other spirits out!

2. Independence High School

Another school in San Jose which has a reputation for being haunted is Independence High School. The theater is said to be home to an entity which goes by the name of George. It has been suggested that this is the ghost of a man who fell from one of the stage catwalks while he was working up there. He has been known to switch lights on and off during presentations and performances. He also flips empty seats up and down and loves pranking students who are alone in the theater practising for shows! However, there are no records of anyone dying in the theater, but the story of George has been around since the school first opened, so perhaps he did not fall from a catwalk, but rather died on the land by some other message. Over the years, George seems to have grown more powerful – some might even say more violent. However, he has remained more mischievous than anything else and he has never actually harmed anybody.

1. Agnew's Insane Asylum

Agnew's Insane Asylum

Agnews Insane Asylum as it stands now was built in 1918 to replace the previous structure which was destroyed in 1912. There are several ghosts in residence, both from the original building and the ones that replaced it. Some of the activity that is frequently reported includes doors opening on their own, lights going on and off, a foul smell that comes and goes, and rooms filling up with smoke for no apparent reason! Many people have also seen a lady in yellow who begs for help finding her children, but then vanishes abruptly if you do attempt to help! There have also been reports of other apparitions, things being thrown by unseen forces and disembodied screams and laughter!

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